HCBS Access Act

What it is: The HCBS Access Act is a draft bill that would eliminate waiting lists. It requires Medicaid to provide HCBS, increases Medicaid funding for HCBS, and provides additional grant funding for states to build the capacity they need to serve all people who need HCBS.

Why it’s important: It will improve the quality of the direct care workforce and address the decades-long workforce crisis. The change will also allow people to move from state to state and not have to start all over with Medicaid. People will also be able to live the lives they want, in their own homes and communities.

HCBS Access Act and Proposed Legislation Regarding Home and Community-based Medicaid Waivers Aims to Improve Access to Services

What you can do: Encourage your legislators to support the HCBS Access Act.


American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Act

What it is: ARPA provides an increased temporary 10% federal match to states to use in their HCBS programs.

Here is the memo detailing what the ARPA funds may be used for:

Why it’s important: This provides Georgia with a half-billion dollars to use for HCBS. Georgia could address the waiting list, increase direct support wages, and many other improvements.

Georgia’s DD Network Recommendations to DCH and DBHDD on ARPA funds proposal

Georgia Department of Community Health’s Initial ARPA Spending Proposal

Georgia’s DD Network Response to Georgia’s Initial APRA Spending Proposal

CMS Response to DCH’s ARPA Spending Plan – Partial Approval

What you can do: Contact DCH, DBHDD, and your legislators and support the DD Network’s position


Better Care Better Jobs (BCBJ) Act

What it is: BCBJ Act is a historic investment in HCBS services. This Act will enable people with disabilities to remain in their homes, expand access to care, and will lead to better pay and benefits for direct support professionals.

Why it’s important: The BCBJ Act will make states eligible for a permanent 10% increase in the federal match. States will be required to strengthen and expand access to HCBS, strengthen and expand the HCBS workforce, show improvement over time and comply with strong maintenance of effort (prohibiting a reduction in eligibility). States will also be required to encourage innovative models that benefit the direct care workforce and care recipients, support quality and accountability and facilitate state planning. BCBJ Act will also make Money Follows the Person permanent.

Better Care Better Jobs Act Fact Sheet

What you can do: Contact your legislators and ask them to sign on for sponsorship.


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