Our origins are rooted in being an alternative to the status quo, and we’re okay with that, because we’ve seen first hand the way this in-home model of support has positively affected individuals in our community and the forward trajectory of their lives. From the beginning, we knew it was crucial to build an organizational culture that supported a model of self-determination – supporting adults with disabilities to use their strengths and support system to reach their own unique goals while attracting like-minded and curious Direct Support Professionals.

What a person-centered approach means at Georgia Options:

  • People with disabilities are entitled to the same opportunities as people without disabilities.
  • All people deserve the right to live the life they choose.
  • Support systems must recognize people’s inherent strengths and build on those strengths towards the person’s successful self advocacy and self determination.
  • A partnership between members of a person’s support system – the person, their family, natural supports, service providers – are critical to the person’s success.
  • People with disabilities have the right to choose where, how and with whom they live. They have the right to control their lives, live in their own home, and sign their own lease.
  • People with disabilities have the right to choose what they do with their day.
  • A disability shouldn’t relegate a person to a service centered life.
  • Communities are better when they’re diverse, and it is up to advocates to teach the community to include those with disabilities, rather than teaching the person with a disability to assimilate to the existing community structure.
  • People with disabilities have the right to citizenship, and when included, improve and strengthen our society.
  • People with the most complex support requirements STILL have the same rights and deserve the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • Georgia Options sees its role as deconstructing systems, breaking barriers and building bridges.
  • When people with disabilities are fully included in the community, and become “of” the community, everyone experiences greater outcomes.

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