Georgia Options provides individualized services based on the person’s unique wants and needs.

When a person is interested in our services, we first take time to learn who the person is, what they want their life to look like and what they want for their future. We get to know their support systems, and together we design the person’s living situation and services.

We provide a combination of the following services:

Community Living Support (aka Supported Living)

A direct support professional assists the person in their home with daily living tasks. This is very individualized. For example, the person may need assistance with bathing and dressing. They may need assistance to host a weekly game night for friends, pay bills or arrange Uber. They may need support to attend medical appointments, or take medications. They may need assistance with all aspects of care, or they may only need assistance with a few tasks. CLS may be provided from a few hours a week up to six hours per day (eleven hours if staff are shared with a roommate).

Additional Staffing

For those who live in their own home but require more than six hours per day of assistance, we provide additional support up to 24 hours per day. The request for services is submitted annually to the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities for those who qualify, and the ability to receive this service depends on DBHDD’s approval.

Community Access

We believe that people should not just be “in” the community, but should be “of” the community. We believe that communities are enriched when people with disabilities are part of the fabric. We accomplish this by supporting people to join groups and clubs based on their interests, volunteer doing things they love, and take classes and workshops on subjects that interest them. Our direct support professionals enable the person to do these things on their own, or with friends.

Customized & Integrated Employment

We believe that everyone can work given the right job and the right support. We work with the person to discover what type of job would be the best fit, given their unique talents and gifts. We then build a relationship with people who work or employ people in that industry, and work with the employer and employee to build a mutually beneficial supportive relationship and hopefully a long term, fulfilling job.

Behavior Support

Sometimes direct support professionals need extra tools to figure out what the person they support needs or is trying to communicate. In those cases we have a qualified professional that will work with the person, family and staff to come up with a plan of action with the goal of increasing understanding of the person’s wants and needs, and how to meet those needs in a way that supports the person to live their best life.

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