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Georgia Options is always looking for businesses and organizations to partner with us to make our community a more inclusive place. We work alongside local organizations and the people we support to create and promote inclusive opportunities in our community.

If you’d like to discuss how you can make your business or organization more inclusive and accessible for community members with disabilities, please email Cathy Kesterson at

Community Partner Spotlight: Project Safe

Ross Vacuming at Project SafeThe Project Safe Thrift Store partnered with us to create a volunteer position that matches the skills and interests of one of the people we support- Ross. Ross is skilled at keeping his apartment clean by vacuuming anytime he sees a mess. His interest in vacuuming has led to him collecting over ten vacuums. The Project Safe Thrift store partnered with Ross and his support team to create a new volunteer position solely dedicated to keeping the thrift store’s floors clean!

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