Creating a More Inclusive Community for Over 30 Years

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 barring discrimination against persons with disabilities in public accommodations, private employment, and government services. The passing of the ADA was a major victory for disability justice but was also just the beginning of a long journey that continues today. Ever since then, the fight for disability justice and full community inclusion for persons with disabilities has only grown stronger.

Georgia Options is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of local Athens families that supports adults with developmental disabilities who choose to live in their own homes and be included in their communities. Our model of support offers an alternative to large group home settings and equips those we support to connect with their communities and choose the life they feel destined to live.

Today, Georgia Options serves as the sole organization in the state dedicated to supporting adults with disabilities to lead lives filled with the typical experiences we often take for granted. With over 100 direct support professionals, our leadership team, our board of directors, and the help of countless volunteers across the state, we help break barriers and build bridges for everyone.

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